December 4, 2023

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10 Lone Texas drive-in movie theaters showing films under the stars

Drive-in movie theaters have been a summertime staple for decades. In Texas, many of these drive-in movie spots feature the original structures from years past such as the Brazo’s in Granbury and the Sandell Movie Theatre in Clarendon. Other drive-in theaters have adjusted their business models over the years. For example, Doc’s Drive-in located in Buda near Austin recently opened a members-only 1920s-stylized speakeasy. Doc’s offers comedy nights, drag shows, weddings and features three movie-themed rental tiny homes on the property. 

Here’s a list highlighting some of the top drive-in movie theatres in Texas

10 Texas drive-in movie theaters

Galaxy Drive-In

Galaxy Dive-In Theatre in Ennis, Texas. 

Galaxy Dive-In Theatre in Ennis, Texas. 

Randy A. Carlisle

Northeast Texas

Location: 5301 N Interstate Highway 45 Ennis, Texas

What to expect: Drive-in moviegoers at Galaxy Drive-in can expect to hear some tunes from the past before showtimes by DJ Randy A. Carlisle, who said he plays the “real oldies” to sit back a listen to before the sun goes down. According to the company’s Facebook page, the Galaxy Drive-In is family-friendly, with seven movie screens, a snack bar and is open Thursday through Sunday. Doors open at 6 p.m.


Coyote Drive-In

Coyote Drive-In located in Fort Worth, Texas

Coyote Drive-In located in Fort Worth, Texas

Coyote Drive-In Facebook page

Northeast Texas

Location: 223 NE 4th Street Fort Worth, Texas

What to expect: The Coyote Drive-in Theatre is located at Panther Island in Fort Worth. One of the standout features is the concession stand and extensive food offerings. On the menu, moviegoers can expect to see hamburgers, barbecue pork sandwiches, nachos, pizza, tacos, corn dogs, pretzels and funnel cakes, according to the company’s Facebook page. The company’s FAQ page notes the drive-in theatre is dog friendly with four movie screens and a kid playground area. The theatre is open seven days a week and doors open at 6 p.m.

Docs Drive-In

Doc's Drive-in Theatre was opened by Chris and Sarah Denny and opened in 2018. 

Doc’s Drive-in Theatre was opened by Chris and Sarah Denny and opened in 2018. 

Doc’s Drive in

Central Texas

Location: 1510 Satterwhite Road Buda, Texas

What to expect: Business owners Chris and Sarah Denny opened Doc’s Drive-In in 2018. The couple also recently opened a members-only, 1920s stylized speakeasy at the site. The space also hosts comedy nights, weddings and more. For people looking to stay the night at the drive-in, the business features three rental movie-themed tiny homes on the property. 

Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theatre New Braunfels

Central Texas

Location: 1178 Kroeschel Lane New Braunfels, Texas

What to expect: At the Stars & Stripes Drive-In, moviegoers can expect a nostalgic experience under the stars, according to the business website. The Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theatre New Braunfels shows new movies, retro favorites and features a 1950s-themed cafe. There’s also a playground on site.

Graham Drive-in

North Texas

Located: 1519 4th Street Graham, Texas

What to expect: The Graham Drive-in is a single-screen drive-in theater located in Graham, Texas. The business opened in 1948 and is one of the oldest active drive-ins in Texas, according to the Texas Film Commission.

The Showboat Drive-In Theater

Southeast Texas

Location: 22422 FM 2920 Hockley, Texas

What to expect: This drive-in theater is open every night of the week during the summer months. According to the company website, the on-site concessions stand can be accessed via the FanFood app or online at

Sandell Drive-in

Panhandle of Texas

Location: 12 S Center Drive Clarendon, Texas

What to expect: For more than six decades, the Sandell Drive-In movie theater has provided outdoor entertainment in the Texas Panhandle. The company website touts the business as a “throwback to the golden years of the silver screen” and also says the site offers the “best vistas of a Texas sunset you will ever experience,” located at the northwest edge of Clarendon on Highway 70. The site also highlights the burgers and homemade chili available for purchase.

Moonstruck Drive-In

Southeast Texas

Location: 100 Bringhurst Street Houston, Texas

What to expect: At the Moonstruck Drive-In, moviegoers can expect to experience a Texas drive-in playing first-run films and classic movies every weekend. The space also hosts comedy shows and live music.

Big Sky Drive-in

West Texas 

Location: 6200 West Highway 80 Midland, Texas

What to expect: A large concession stand menu with food delivery straight to customers’ vehicles. The online concession stand menu features a wide range of offerings including fried shrimp and chicken strip box dinners, funnel cakes, corn fritters, pizzas, burgers and popcorn. Outdoor dining amenities and four playgrounds are also situated on-site. The location is pet friendly aside from the concession stand, according to the company’s FAQ page, although the business asks that pet owners keep animals on a leash when outside of their vehicles.

Town & Country Drive-in Theatre

West-Central Texas

Location: 2902 Vogel Street Abilene, Texas 79603

What you can expect: Open on weekends, this pet-friendly drive-in offers traditional movie theater food staples such as popcorn, soda and candy. The Town & Country Drive-in Theater opened in 1956 with a “Guys and Dolls” screening, according to The Texas Film Commission.