December 4, 2023

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16 Gifts for Guinea Pig Lovers & Owners

Gifts for guinea pig lovers

Are you searching for an awesome guinea-pig-themed gift? As a guinea pig lover myself, I created a list of cute and funny gifts for guinea pig lovers that will surely be appreciated by the receiving party. Whether the gift is for a friend or a family member, an adult or a kid, or even for your friend’s guinea pigs – you should be able to find something among these gift ideas!

Gifts for Guinea Pig Lovers

Guinea Pig Tote Bag

Guinea pig tote bag
Image by RhondaLuluArt – Etsy

This adorable tote bag featuring 15 guinea pigs on both sides is perfect for grocery shopping, going to the beach or taking a relaxing stroll in the mall.

Funny Poop City Sticker

Poop city sticker
Image by Cassianjanay – Etsy

This hilarious sticker is definitely going to make everyone laugh. If you shop around this Etsy shop, you’ll see that there are two funny stickers to choose from:

  • Poop City “Where pooping is our full-time job”
  • Wheek City “Where the pigs are always hungry”

The stickers are personalized so you just have to enter the number of pigs your friend or family member has and it’ll be printed on the sticker under “population”.

Guinea Pig Coffee Mug

Guinea pig coffee mug gift
Image by HippoAndKelpie – Etsy

Guinea pig owners know that when you start keeping guinea pigs, it’s hard to stop! And you always want more. And more. A coffee mug with a print “Yes, I really do need all these guinea pigs” hilariously shows it.

Guinea Pig Infinity Scarf

Guinea pig scarf
Image by Dreamexpress – Etsy

This beautiful scarf will make anyone wearing it stand out from the crowd with these cute guinea pig prints. It’s a great accessory for every day and can be worn all year round as it’s made of light chiffon fabric.

Handmade Guinea Pig Earrings

Guinea pig earrings
Image by CherryWoodJewellery – Etsy

Cute handmade guinea pig earrings made of natural cherry wood, with stainless steel posts. They are so unique and adorable, your guinea pig loving friend won’t find these anywhere else!

Funny Guinea Pig Shirt

Guinea pig shirt as a gift
Image by HippoAndKelpie – Etsy

This T-shirt with a print “Anatomy of a guinea pig” explains the characteristics of these cute critters in a hilarious way. It’s made with durable 100% cotton material and comes in various colors: black, white, pink, blue, navy and gray.

Guinea Pig Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic bag
Image by BiuNiuring – Amazon

If your friend loves makeup in addition to guinea pigs, this cosmetic bag might be just what they need. It’s completely waterproof and has a funny print “Anatomy of a Guinea Pig” on both sides.

Guinea Pig Leggings

Guinea pig leggings
Image by MarioGraphicArt – Etsy

Is there a better way to showcase your love for guinea pigs than wearing leggings with guinea pigs printed all over? I think not. These yoga pants have too many guinea pigs to count and it is adorable.

If your friend or a family member loves to wear wacky clothes and stand out with their creative and colorful outfits, they’ll love these cute leggings.

Guinea Pig Phone Case

Phone case
Image by GashamanPrint – Etsy

A phone case is something most people use so it’s not the type of gift that you just put in a drawer and forget it exists – you use it for quite some time. This phone case even has an adorable print of a guinea pig playing piano and that’s always a plus.

Guinea Pig Care Planner

Guinea Pig Care Planner

Guinea Pig Care Planner is our handy printable that allows guinea pig owners to track and record all the information about their pets in one place, from their date of birth and health issues, to weight and medication records. It includes 16 pages and covers everything a guinea pig owner might need.

Guinea Pig Gift Ideas for Kids

Children are often the ones who spend the most time with their guinea pigs and enjoy their company the most. If you’re looking for a gift for a kid who is crazy about guinea pigs, here are a few suggestions.

Guinea Pig Coloring Book

Guinea pig coloring book
Image by Blue Wave Press – Amazon

This guinea pig coloring book makes an awesome gift for children. It has 77 pages filled with various guinea pig designs that are waiting to be colored and bonus activity pages. It’ll provide hours and hours of entertainment for the kids and some peaceful time for the parents.

Guinea Pig Plush Toy

Plus toy
Image by RemeeHi Store – Amazon

This super cute and soft toy is great at giving and recieving cuddly hugs. With its seven inches of fluffiness, it’s recommended for children over 3 years of age.

Guinea Pig Stickers

Guinea pig stickers
Image by Qaxrocyn – Amazon

There are so many different uses for stickers. They can be plastered onto a laptops, bottles, scrapbooks, phone, bike or anywhere else really. They are waterproof so no need to worry about the rain or spils.

Gifts for the Guinea Pigs

A gift for the pets themselves is always welcome among guinea pig owners as they love to spoil their cute critters. It’s a great idea to include a little something for the pets with the gift you picked out for your friend.

Before choosing what to buy for the guinea pigs, make sure to do your research so you don’t get anything that is unhealthy or unsafe. You can’t go wrong with the items I listed below.

Herb Mix

Herb mix
Image by Rosewood Pet – Amazon

There are many herb and flower mixes out there for guinea pigs but, believe it or not, some contain ingredients that are not healthy for guinea pigs.

This herb mix contains only safe ingredients that guinea pigs adore. Your friend’s guinea pigs will enjoy their hearts out with these enriching and delicious herbs.

Delicious Apple Sticks

Apple sticks for guinea pigs
Image by Bojafa – Amazon

Guinea pigs’ teeth never stop growing and they always need to have something to chew on to file them down. Apple sticks are favorite chews among guinea pigs so you can be sure they won’t go to waste.

Guinea Pig Hideout

Image by Pulse Brands Store – Amazon

Guinea pigs are prey animals so they need multiple hideouts to feel secure and protected. That’s why you can’t go wrong by buying a hideout for them. It’s a plus if the hideout can be chewed on like this one as it’s made of natural and safe wood. It’s like two gifts in one – a hideout and a chew toy.

I hope my list gave you a few good gift ideas. Whatever you choose, the chances are high that your guinea pig lover friend will enjoy your gift as long as it’s guinea-pig-themed.

What are you getting as a gift for your guinea pig lover friend or family member?

Let us know in the comments!