December 8, 2023

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Couple stunned after missing pet snake Mikey turns up SIX MONTHS later outside their old front door

A Stockport couple whose snake went missing in neighbouring Manchester were left gobsmacked after he was found SIX MONTHS later – completely unharmed. Jasmine and Jo, who lived in Fallowfield until December 2021, originally adopted Mikey the corn snake, 16, from Jo’s parents just over a year ago.

The sneaky serpent slithered through a small hole at the back of some bathroom pipes after the couple tried to bathe him to ease his constipation in November 2021 – and, after, consulting local exotic pet shops, they sadly assumed they would never see him again.

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“He got pretty constipated, which is a weird thing to say, but he wasn’t eating amazingly so we gave him a bath because that tends to help things along with snakes and also he seems to really enjoy them,” Jasmine told the Manchester Evening News .

“So we just filled up a tub with some lukewarm water and popped him in, but for some reason he just really didn’t like it. Immediately he zoomed off around the bathroom.”

Mikey then wrapped himself around some pipes behind the bathroom sink, where he wouldn’t budge.

Mikey coiled himself around some pipes at the back of the sink before slithering down a hole

“We thought, ‘it’s okay, he’ll have to come down at some point, we’ll just wait until he relaxes a bit and then pop him back in the tank because he’s a very strong boy’. He’s pretty much harmless to humans, but you can’t unwind him from something. Once he’s decided that’s where he is, he wants to hold on,” Jasmine said.

The couple were unaware that what appeared to be a tiny hole next to the pipes was in fact the perfect size for an escaping snake.

“By the time we realised what was happening, we couldn’t actually get him back up. So we obviously panicked,” she said.

The hole led directly to the basement, where the women spent hours searching and trying to tempt Mikey back out with mice and heat pads – to no avail.

Mikey is now back safe and sound in Stockport

After consulting local pet shops, who advised them that Mikey was probably perfectly happy and would live out the rest of his days in the basement, Jasmine and Jo were left with no choice but to accept Mikey was gone.

The couple had already signed a contract at a new property in Stockport, and left their Fallowfield home in December 2021.

They considered warning the flat’s next tenants about Mikey, but concluded that it would probably worry them more than necessary, when the chances of him resurfacing were very slim.

“Wild snakes don’t live that long. Especially not in a British winter,” they explained

“He’s got a natural lifespan of up to 20 years, so he’s already like on the old side. We just thought, ‘well, there’s a good chance that he’s fallen prey to something or he’s just died of old age’.”

But, incredibly, last weekend, Jasmine got the shock of her life when she was browsing Facebook on her phone – and saw a picture of Mikey, captioned “Anyone lost a snake?”, in a popular student Facebook group.

“Completely by coincidence, I was actually at the pub in Fallowfield when I saw it,” explained Jasmine. She said she “immediately” recognised Mikey due to his “distinctive” markings.

Jasmine described her and Mikey’s reunion as ‘unbelievable’

“I just immediately jumped up and went, ‘Oh, my God, Mikey’s back!’,” she told the M.E.N.

“I had half a pint on the table, but I was like, ‘no, I need to make sure he’s okay’. I just ran directly down.

“When I saw him sitting in the garden, it was absolutely unbelievable. I didn’t think I’d ever see him again,” Jasmine said.

They said they were sure it was him, not just because of his markings but also his expression and “personality”. The couple managed to get Mikey into a pillowcase and escort him back to Stockport safely – where he is now residing with them in their new home.

“We think he’s still adjusting to life again, he’s been a bit jumpy,” Jo said.

“He was very, very grumpy when we first found him again, he was in a big threat pose, trying to strike at people.

“But he’s trying, you know, it’s only been a couple of days since he got back. We’re going to take him to the vet tomorrow. We’re really lucky that we still have all his stuff!”

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