December 4, 2023

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every culture has their version of potato chips

We pledge allegiance to the potato chip. And to the republic for which it stands.

What’s more all-American than snacking? We are the land of abundance. Also the land of instant gratification.

We have cravings: whether it’s Cheetos, pretzels, or other, more dubious things. And as Americans, we are defiant in the face of tyranny. “Don’t eat between meals”? Them’s fighting words.  

Yet in 2022, we are forced to reassess American exceptionalism. Can we be so arrogant as to think we have a monopoly on fatty, salty, and generally ill-advised treats? A trip to the nearest East Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern or Latin American supermarket tells a different story.

Every culture has its potato chip.

Dally Rovles, picking up her snack favorite at La Nueva Mercedes supermarket in Paterson

“I like stuff that’s hot,” said Dally Rovles, whom we recently met up with at La Nueva Mercedes Supermarket in Paterson. Takis hot chili pepper & lime tortilla chips are her fave. “Fuego,” the bag is marked. “Fire.”

“I eat these any time during the day,” said Rovles, a Paterson resident. “I eat these when I’m having sandwiches.”

We all have something like that.

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