December 4, 2023

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How to Choose the Right Film for Your Window

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How to Choose the Right Film for Your Window

If you are a person who pays great attention to personal privacy, or you are fed up with the life of being watched by passers-by. Please don’t worry, a wide variety of window stickers can help you solve this trouble. You should be happy that your options are not limited. 

Window Film Benefits

1. In your budget. Glass stickers are more cheaper than heavy expensive curtains or blinds. It’s a cost-effective alternative.
2. Guard against the sun’s damaging UV rays. Reduces annoying glares, and protects your skin and furniture from getting directly exposed to sunlight.
3. Protect your privacy. The top privacy level film can preventing people outside from seeing directly into the room and obscuring outdoor views.
4. No glue hassle & removable. Non-Adhesive window sticker is static cling without any sticky, harmful, and chemical glues. This kind of films can be easily removed and reused for multiple times.
5. Minimize damages during window breaks. Some one-way film can holding shattered glass, and provide a strong force to fix the glass fragments together to prevent splashing and accidental injury.
6. Give your home a decorative edge. 3D window film creates colorful visual effect when sunlight shines through after installation and brings unique decoration on your windows.
7. Easy application. You can install them by yourself at home with easy install steps. You can easily apply it on windows at your home, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and more, instantly making your windows look high end.

Most Popular Window Film on The Market

Before you make the final decision, it is very important to understand the types of window stickers that are currently popular on the market and their functions.
1. Decorative Window Film
Decorative window films are usually featuring 3D or special pattern designed which can create unique decoration and special visual effect.
2. Translucent Window Film
A translucent film offers a middle ground between light and privacy, ensuring that your private space is well protected while still allowing comfortable natural light in.
3. Blackout Window Film
This glass film blocks light anti-glare and unwanted views from outside. Ensuring that your private space is well protected. Also, this kind of stickers are super suitable for day sleep, shift workers and baby nursery.
4. One-way Window Film
Mirror reflective window film offers great indoor Daytime privacy for your home and office by making the Outdoor window glass show a mirror effect, while you can still see outdoor views; At night, the privacy effect will reverse so the Indoor window glass will show the mirror effect and people from the outside can see in.

How to choose window film

After we learn the types of window stickers, how should we choose the right window stickers for our home or office?
According to the characteristics and functions of each window tints, we have the following suggestions:
For office: One-way Window Film, Translucent Window Film and Decorative Window Film.
For bathroom: Translucent Window Film and Blackout Window Film.
For kictchen and living room: Decorative Window Film
For bedroom: Blackout Window Film, Translucent Window Film and Decorative Window Film.