December 5, 2023

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Local vets seeing spike in pets being treated for venomous bites

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Snake year just started at the beginning of April, and pet homeowners should know veterinarians are looking at an boost in the variety of dogs they’ve dealt with for venomous snake bites.

Many viewers have despatched us shots of snakes they have spotted in their yards or all-around their residences.

Not all the snakes are perilous, but you want to be on the lookout so you and your family — such as the furry associates — really don’t get bitten.

Just one neighborhood canine proprietor who experienced a close get in touch with needs to warn many others about the threat.

Sandy Burgess’ pet dog, Sunny, was bitten by a venomous snake in her Mandarin backyard.

“My neighbor’s a vet. We ran above and said what do you believe?” Burgess recalled.

Burgess reported she didn’t know at the time Sunny had been bitten by a snake due to the fact she’d hardly ever noticed any snakes in the lawn and wasn’t with Sunny when she was bitten.

“She just laid on the flooring and down, she did not collapse but she just laid there, and we have been like, ‘Oh boy, this is switching,’ and she was starting off to swell on the other aspect so off we went,” Burgess stated.


Sunny’s remaining jaw swelled as they rushed her to Capital Veterinary Professionals, an unexpected emergency vet clinic.

Dr. Leo Londono addressed Sunny, who survived the come upon and is now recovered and complete of electrical power.

“There are two primary styles of venomous snakes in Florida — a single of them is going to be the coral snake, they really don’t actually clearly show warning signals. The pet slowly but surely will get weaker and weaker and results in being paralyzed,” Londono said.

Fortunately, that did not take place with Sunny. But Londono stated he’s witnessed an boost in the selection of dogs bitten in the very last two months.

The most frequent culprits in our spot?

“The rattlesnakes, you have the Jap Diamondback, timber rattlesnake, drinking water moccasin all of those people snakes induce swelling and bleeding,” Londono stated.

Aiding you convey to the variance between a venomous snake and a non-venomous 1.

He states 80% of the time the puppy has to be handled with anti-venin to prevent the animal from acquiring truly ill or worse.

Sunny just desired observation and was in a position to go property the following working day, but she’s fortunate simply because bites can be lethal.


“Because the venom not only affects the neighborhood place of the bite, but it can also lead to a coagulation concern which can make them bleed not only externally but also internally,” Londono mentioned.

Londono claimed the best way to stop a snake chunk is to keep your canine on a leash, so they really do not roam.

If you suspect a snake, he reported managing swelling with Benadryl or applying a tourniquet to your animal’s paw or limb does NOT function to protect against sickness.

The only therapy is antivenin. You have to have to get your pet to a vet straight away.

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