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Must-Try Dishes If You Are New to Bengali Cuisine

The Bengali delicacies is well-known for its broad variety of dishes, which generally include a selection of fish, greens, lentils and spices. The meals lifestyle in Bengal is diverse: although the normal Bengali diet program features rice, wheat or finger millet flour-dependent breads, and pulses or beans like green gram and black gram, the cuisine has absorbed influences from Indian states, ASEAN nations, Central Asia and the British Raj that have ruled above the area.

Rice and Dal

Bengali delicacies is recognized for its rice and dal dishes. If you are new to Bengali delicacies, then you ought to try some of these dishes. Rice is the staple foods in Bengali delicacies and is normally cooked with Dal, a type of lentil. There are quite a few different approaches to cook dinner rice and dal, so there are many different flavors to try out. Some of the most well-known rice and dal dishes involve:

Dal Makhani: This dish is produced with black lentils and kidney beans that are simmered in a creamy tomato sauce.

Matar Paneer: This dish is manufactured with peas and cottage cheese in a tomato gravy.

Rajma Chawal: This dish is designed with kidney beans in a spicy curry gravy served over rice.

Chana Masala: This dish is manufactured with chickpeas in a spicy curry gravy.

These are just some of the numerous rice and dal dishes that you can attempt if you are new to Bengali delicacies. There are limitless choices when it will come to these two elements, so be positive to examine all the distinct flavors that Bengali cuisine has to offer.

Must-Try Dishes If You Are New to Bengali Cuisine |Qrius


Kachuri is a Bengali dish that is frequently served as a snack or appetizer. It is created with a wide range of substances, which includes flour, h2o, spices, and greens. The dish can be either fried or baked, and is generally served with a dipping sauce.


Paturi is a Bengali dish that is created by coating a fish fillet in mustard paste and then wrapping it in a banana leaf before cooking. The banana leaf aids to infuse the fish with the flavors of the mustard paste, resulting in a dish that is both flavorful and healthier.

Bangali Cholar Dalna

If you’re new to Bengali delicacies, then you unquestionably need to have to test cholar dalna. This dish is built with Bengal gram, also identified as chickpeas, and is a preferred vegan and vegetarian curry. The dish is generally served with rice or roti, and is a scrumptious way to take pleasure in Bengal’s signature spices and flavors.

Aloo Bhaat

If you are new to Bengali delicacies, then you will have to test Aloo Bhaat. It is a easy dish of potato and rice, but it is so flavourful and delicious. The critical to making this dish is to use very good high quality substances. Use Basmati rice for the best effects.

Dhokar Dal

If you are new to Bengali delicacies, then you will have to check out dhokar dal. This dish is built with chickpeas, potatoes, and spinach, and is served with rice or roti. It is a hearty and filling dish that is fantastic for a wintertime food.

Urad Dal Churma

If you are new to Bengali delicacies, there are some need to-try dishes that you simply simply cannot miss out on out on. A person of these is urad dal churma, a dish manufactured with black lentils and spices. The lentils are to start with soaked and then floor into a paste, in advance of currently being fried and tempered with spices. This dish is typically served with steamed rice and is unquestionably tasty!


Bengali delicacies is certainly truly worth discovering, primarily if you are a admirer of fish and rice dishes. The up coming time you obtain by yourself in a Bengali cafe or cooking at household, be absolutely sure to check out out some of these preferred dishes. You will not be disappointed!

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