December 4, 2023

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Nicolas Cage talks two-headed snakes, bat caves, and mimes

Nicolas Cage, as much myth as man, discusses feeding a two-headed snake using a spatula.

There is basically no story about Nicolas Cage that’s as well outlandish to think at this issue. Over the a long time, we have discovered that the goth thespian once gained $20,000 in a casino in 20 minutes prior to donating his winnings to a Bahamian orphanage, and quitting gambling forever afterwards. We’ve discovered that he owns a chatting crow that phone calls him “asshole,” and as soon as had a pet two-headed snake that Werner Herzog wanted to solid in Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans. We’ve realized that he normally takes performing tips from king cobras, experienced a cat that peer pressured him into taking in mushrooms, discusses which insects are “most ferocious” with David Cronenberg, and is haunted by nightmares of a malevolent shrimp-headed determine.

By natural means, then, throughout Cage’s 1st communicate display visual appeal in 14 years, Jimmy Kimmel wished to figure out if any of the absurd stories individuals explain to about his visitor are actually phony.

For the duration of the interview—meant generally to advertise his newest film, The Unbearable Weight Of Huge Expertise—Kimmel decided to request Cage about the quite a few ridiculous tales that have been informed about him about the several years. His talking crow and orphanage-benefiting gambling get were addressed in advance of we received to other stories from his past.

For example: That two-headed pet snake.

“Does that make me impossibly peculiar that I experienced a two-headed snake?” Cage asks when introducing the subject matter.

In get to quash that impact, Cage relates how his supervisor referred to as him up to permit him know that there was a extremely expensive two-headed snake up for sale which he purchased following having a portentous aspiration “about two-headed eagles” the night time before. The unnamed snake—“The reptiles never truly treatment about us. They don’t want us to title them. We’re not aspect of their planet.”—gave Cage difficulties mainly because its two heads had differing personalities and fought with just one another. Just after it “got a minor way too freaky” obtaining to feed them by separating their feuding heads with a spatula, Cage gave the creature to a zoo, where by it lived out a long, total, two-headed life outside the house of his treatment.

Later on, Kimmel asks if it’s genuine that Cage at the time acquired a bat cave. He clarifies that he required to, owning explored all the features but earth (fire in Ghost Rider, drinking water by scuba diving, air by trying to understand hold-gliding) when he heard it was for sale. The notion, Cage suggests, is that he and his then-wife would get naked and consume wine in the cavern in purchase to properly join with the earth. But he did not finish up getting the cave—and it did not even have any bats in it.

There are also stories about getting stalked by mimes and investing the night time at Dracula’s castle, which are equally, of program, correct.

During all of this, Cage is charmingly sport for the course the discussion usually takes. He tends to make common references to how cool his stories will seem for viewers observing on 4/20, disparages Elon Musk for taking regional resources absent from his Las Vegas film studio challenge while draining the city’s water source in the system, and describes his shiny match as satisfying a need to look like “brushed aluminum on a dashboard of an old Cadillac.”

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