December 4, 2023

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Snake in your yard? Here’s what to do, Evansville reptile experts say

EVANSVILLE — Shaun Madding saw rattlesnakes all the time when he lived in Arizona. So he didn’t freak out when he noticed a gray rat snake in his horse barn.

“Something type of caught my eye, and I looked up, and he was crawling across one of the two-by-fours on the wall of the barn,” said Madding, an Evansville resident. “I went in excess of and caught him and played with him for a little when and just enable him go yet again. I’ve generally liked snakes.”

Are venomous snakes in Indiana?

Madding’s parents used to have a location out in the region, and they saw garter snakes and rat snakes all the time. But not all people has his straightforward familiarity and long heritage with the limbless reptiles. Some people today do freak out when they see them.

For those folks, Carrie Ulrich has a information: Loosen up. There’s possibly no need to do anything if you see a snake on your residence, claimed Ulrich, co-president of the Tri-State Herpetological Society. It’s virtually undoubtedly not venomous.

Reptiles often get a a bad rap according to Chris and Carrie Ulrich with the Tri-State Herpetological Society, an Evansville-based nonprofit, that rescues found and abandoned snakes and lizards. Pictured are, clockwise from top left, a blue-tongued skink, a crested gecko, a red-tailed boa constrictor, a male bearded dragon, a ball python and a female bearded dragon.

“Most men and women I experience feel that there’s cottonmouths in all places, but they’re really water snakes – harmless drinking water snakes,” she reported.

Copperheads are noticed once in a while in wooded and dry, rocky regions in western Vanderburgh County and Warrick County, Ulrich mentioned, but it truly is really unlikely 1 would finish up in a residential area. Cottonmouths? It really is been so prolonged since there was a reliable sighting of 1 that some wildlife specialists believe they are extinct in Indiana.