December 8, 2023

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Strange Louisiana and Acadiana Laws You Probably Haven’t Heard of

We’ve talked about peculiar Louisiana legal guidelines in advance of, but right here are a couple of we have not heard of yet…it truly is just about tough to consider they ever existed in the first spot.

Louisiana Capitol

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Unusual La Rules

All through time, some truly odd rules get set on the publications in just about each and every metropolis close to the region.

Even so, Louisiana provides its personal exceptional established of instances resulting in some critically peculiar laws.

Hold in brain that there is a explanation why these rules exist. At some level, authorities had to have authorized recourse to help hold some of these strange acts at a minimum amount.

For occasion, there is certainly a Louisiana law still on the textbooks forbidding snakes at Mardi Gras parades. Yeah, bringing a pet snake to a position with thousands of people today, most of them ingesting, just isn’t going to sound like the finest plan.

Clearly, at some issue so several folks ended up bringing snakes to Mardi Gras parades that a law needed to be passed to cease it from going on.

Townsquare Media Boise

Townsquare Media Boise


You may possibly have listened to about that a single, but did you know apparently it can be illegal to gargle in community in Louisiana?

If you have been to contact the police to report someone for performing it, I am not sure they would really exhibit up…and who could blame them?

Unusual Louisiana laws like a single and lots of more can be discovered around at, but let’s choose glimpse at some of the weirder ones you most likely haven’t listened to of.

It really is Unlawful In Louisiana For Mourners To Try to eat Far more Than A few Sandwiches At A Wake

Going to a funeral? Very first of all, sorry for your decline, but you should know in progress that if you eat more than a few sandwiches at the wake an now difficult circumstance could get a good deal more durable for you.

You Need A Distinctive License To Put on A Goatee In Louisiana

At least at some place in Louisiana background, you required to have a special license to sport a goatee in community. Not sure wherever you would have to have to apply for this kind of a license, but yeah…that was a matter.

Tv Reporters May well Not Throw Doubloons, Trinkets, Or Other Goods To The Group In the course of A Parade

Um…well Alright. Tends to make you marvel what in the globe occurred for there to be a need to have for this Louisiana law. We asked Rob Perillo but he is not talking…

Twitter by means of @konnorrk

Twitter through @konnorrk

It is really Unlawful To Follow Voodoo Inside Of Metropolis Limits

Let us be very clear…it’s not unlawful to practice voodoo, just make confident you you should not do it within city limits, and good to go.

In Abbeville, It is Illegal To Roller Skate On The Sidewalk

Surely this regulation isn’t continue to enforced, but maybe you shouldn’t exam it.

In Rayne, Trick-Or-Managing Is Prohibited If You are 14 Or More mature

Dang, Rayne is serving up some harshbrows for Halloween.

Cowbells Are Unlawful In Carencro

Appears like you are not able to have a lot more cowbell, at the very least in Carencro.

It is Unlawful To Be An Alcoholic In Sulphur

Alcoholism is naturally not a good factor, but unlawful?

In Louisiana, in accordance to “snoring is prohibited except all bedroom home windows are shut and securely locked.”

Won’t be able to really argue with that a person…

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