December 5, 2023

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Weirdo Celebs! These Two Drink Each Other’s Blood

Hey, Berkshire County, do you have a significant other? A partner? A soulmate? Do you seriously love them? I necessarily mean actually, truly, Truly appreciate that individual? Permit me inquire you this: Do you consume their blood? No??? Very well, I guess it truly is not legitimate like then, is it?

Sorry, missing my intellect there for a second. We all know that several persons in this world of ours do some rather bizarre issues? Specially famous people. Immediately after the whole Will Smith-Chris Rock slapping incident, I uncovered much more outrageous things about Will and his wife Jada than I ever cared to know.

But here is some peculiar habits from a celebrity pair that just may well choose the cake. This just might be the “Summit of Insane Mountain” correct here. But possibly I am erroneous. Is it nonetheless deemed weird behavior if the pair involved considers it beautifully all-natural? I will not know.

The superstar couple I’m referring to transpires to be Megan Fox and Equipment Gun Kelly. You may have read not too long ago of some bizarre goings-on in between these two. You may have even listened to that, on particular occasions, they drink each individual other’s blood. It turns out that it’s true.

In a modern interview with Glamour UkMegan verified that the rumors are true and that the pair does eat just about every other’s blood on sure occasions. In the interview, Megan mentioned:

It’s just a couple drops, but certainly, we do eat each and every other’s blood on celebration for ritual needs only.

Evidently, Megan is deeply into astrology and she performs rituals on new moons and total moons. These rituals are wherever the blood comes in. As Megan even more explains in the job interview, “When I do it, it can be a passage or it is utilised for a cause. And it is managed in which it’s like, ‘Let’s get rid of a few drops of blood and each consume it’.”

I guess I never totally understand it, Berkshire County. Creepy, strange ritual? Or real adore? You inform me. What do you imagine? I will say that it’s a rather intriguing Megan Fox interview. Examine it out for your self at Glamour Uk‘s web page below.

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