December 4, 2023

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ZZ Says Writer’s Block is Over !!

ZZ Says Writer's Block is Over !!

Guess what!! I am back!!! So many friends have wondered where I have been — well let me update you in a few sentences. The G Girl Cotillion was fabulous — I won Miss Congeniality (the #2 spot under Miss Cotillion or #almostmisscotillion) and pups it was not fixed as some haters have implied — wow a girl who always loses wins big and the bitches (pups or otherwise) get the claws out.

I will leave it at that!!!

Next, the NY social scene is heating up…. Pupscouts held their Annual Camping/Glamping event recently. I had a great time and had a table selling my gently worn clothes, I raised $300 for Louie’s Legacy. Amazing photo ops …we hung out in tents in a hotel and we call that camping LOL …. and I can’t wait to go to their next event which will be in February (red carpet, very posh).

Not exactly a camping look!

We Pupscouts walked in Strut Your Mutt last week to benefit Best Friends Animal Society. Here again we made a difference and well we were definately noticed. Sporting our uniforms we make a statement!!!! If you aren’t a member you should join — we have an online troop and all pups have a great time earning badges (at least that is what I hear — my mom is too lazy).

Birthday parties coming up for some lucky pups too!!! Great themes and I am already ordering some new outfits!!! Polka dots, Grease, Unicorns — just some of the themes out in the universe right now!!!

Thompson Square Pet Parade is/was canceled this year but it seems to be reinvented at another venue — things are falling into place — I already know what I will be wearing !!! BUT, BUT we still have to wait to find out for sure if it is game on! Halloween is not my thing but a girl has to be ready to participate at every party !!!

I am traveling at the beginning of December — have been asked to model (as I am a G Girl title holder) at a Fashion Show/Gala in Atlanta, a collaboration of the fabulous Barbara Merrifield of Bark N Boujee and G Girl Productions. The Fashion Show will benefit Canine Rescue in North Augusta, South Carolina. This upscale event being held at the W Hotel promises to #nextlevel –can’t wait to see the designs; the G Girl Models and hope to raise lots of $$$.

Deress by Bark N Boujee

Just a ZZ observation pups — Barbie Yonce of Canine Rescue is the real deal — she knows how important it is to interact with her donors, can work the room at any event and she knows that fundraising is more then just collecting a check ….love her style!!!!

Fashion Fun coming up — my friend Gia will be hosting her own Fashion Show on December 8 –check out Gia Diamond Couture. She really knows how to put a show together, food, music, great outfits — can’t wait!!!


I am a Brand Ambassador for @furdrobe on Instagram. Check out their page and follow them — Great giveaway going on for Breast Cancer Awareness — use the #furdrobethinkspink while posting a pink inspired post and you will be entered for a chance to win a pink bow– and follow me @zz_poo if you don’t already. And …..boys pink is not just for the girls today1!!

The Pet Retail World Pop Up Event will be held on November 10 — can’t wait to get tons of products. I told the momager to make sure we bring the stroller so we can lug everything home!!!

Some pictures from last year’s Pet Retail World Pop Up Event.

And last I want to mention PetCon — this event brings together many of the famous Instagram pups with tons of followers — something I aspire to but unfortunately only aspire — giveaways, panel discussions, adoptable pets and photo ops make a fun weekend. I got my tickets.

And from last year’s PetCon…

That’s is it for now. And remember the bitches are not just the dogs!!